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Inspired by Nature, Translated by Science

We are passionate to improve the lives of suffering patients through the development of products that achieve rapid and safe tissue adhesion, and in particular are easy to use in wet environments and during minimally invasive procedures.

Given our goal to develop near-term translatable adhesive technology to address huge unmet needs in tissue fixation and sealing, we have turned to nature for inspiration.

Evolution is, after all, the ultimate problem solver. We have capitalized on nature’s adhesive solutions to develop products that address needs across several medical indications.

Our Technology

Gecko Biomedical’s objective is to develop bio-mechanical technologies to boost the human body’s self-healing. Our platform is based on a proprietary polymer with unique chemical and physical properties, including high viscosity, hydrophobicity and fast on demand curing for precise local delivery and in situ Fixation. Upon curing, an elastic biodegradable film is formed. The structure of the polymer is tunable, allowing customization for various applications and tissues.

Sealant and adhesives

Gecko Biomedical’s proprietary technology platforms are fully synthetic bioinspired light-activated tissue adhesives with strong adhesive and sealing capacity…


We are an exciting start-up to work in. Our team participates in the development of innovative life-saving technologies.

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