Our Platform is based on a proprietary polymer with unique chemical and physical properties:


support underlying tissue without friction or inflammation


Long term support with no toxicity

Tunable Structure

Specific customization for various applications and tissues

Fast On-demand Polymerisation

in situ controlled adhesion/sealing

Surface Erosion

Maintain mechanical properties and sustained controlled release of active components

Sealants and adhesives*

Gecko Biomedical’s proprietary technology platforms are fully synthetic bioinspired light-activated tissue adhesives with strong adhesive and sealing capacity. The adhesives have unique chemical and physical properties, including high viscosity, hydrophobicity and on demand curing.These features allow them to be delivered through minimally invasive procedures to challenging wet environments, with no requirement for tissue drying prior adhesive application.
These are key advantages over current existing technologies that are hydrophilic and can be easily washed out prior curing due to miscibility in the body aqueous environment, or that present reactive chemical groups to promote adhesion that can be easily inactivated by the exposure to blood or other body fluids. Furthermore, Gecko’s adhesives are fully biodegradable, biocompatible and elastic, complying with the softness and dynamics of underlying tissues. Two products are currently under research and development, with GB02 entering clinical trials in 2016.

GB02 Tissue Sealant

GB04 Defect Closure

*These products are being developed and are not available for sale yet.

*These products are being developed and are not available for sale yet.