“Print on” polymer platform to enhance tissue repair

Gecko Biomedical’s proprietary technology platform is composed of  fully synthetic light-activated materials that can be ‘printed” both inside the body (acting as sealants, adhesives, barriers or plugs) or outside the body (for example, through 3D printing to provide high resolution implantable devices).


Prior ‘printing’, the materials have unique chemical and physical properties, including high viscosity, hydrophobicity and on demand curing. These features allow them to be delivered through minimally invasive procedures to challenging wet environments. Furthermore, once ‘printed’ Gecko’s materials are biodegradable, biocompatible and elastic, complying with the softness and dynamics of underlying tissues. The range of properties can be tuned, considering the modularity of design of our polymer platform.

The technology platform is based on work developed at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in the laboratories of Prof. Jeff Karp and Prof. Robert Langer.

Interchangeable platform technology for new product innovation

We aim to translate our core technology in surgical products taking a global approach. We are currently validating the technology in surgical spaces such, including peripheral nerve reconstruction, ophthalmology, urology, as well as in orthopaedics.

We design our solutions by selecting the right polymer formulation and developing delivery and activation tools that maximize performance and usability. This allows us to tackle different surgical spaces and procedures (open or minimally invasive).


A modular design approach

Open innovation and streamlined development, drive new opportunities

An ecosystem to streamline innovation…

  • Through strategic partnerships
  • Leveraging expertise on tissues and delivery design

… around our family of polymers and delivery technologies

  • Therapeutic areas (e.g. bone, dental, vascular)
  • Technology (e.g., tissue scaffolding, sealants, barrier, localized drug delivery)

SETALUM TM Sealant: the first product

The SETALUM™ Sealant is a biocompatible, bioresorbable and on-demand activated sealant usable in wet and dynamic environments as an add-on to sutures during vascular surgery. The polymer is applied to tissue in-situ and activated using a proprietary light activation pens. The entire process is completed in vivo, and enables the in situ printing of an instant hermetic barrier and effective hemostasis.

The grant of the CE Mark for the vascular sealant is the first regulatory validation of the safety and performance of Gecko Biomedical’s scalable and innovative polymer platform.


*These products are being developed and are not available for sale yet.

*These products are being developed and are not available for sale yet.